Angel Adams

Personal Development and Mindset Coach

Single Parents, Co-Parents, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Creatives, Teachers, HUMANS…DO YOU FEEL ALONE? Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel like the only tree in the forest?

Let me offer a thought…maybe your mind is so cluttered and overwhelmed …maybe you’re in such a fog of worry and doubt that you can’t see the tribe of people around you, ready to rally and surround you with extraordinary support and encouragement.

I want to help you find your tribe. I want to teach you how to shift your mindset. And help you break free from the things that are holding you back from living your most abundant and satisfied life.


To contact or book Angel Adams for your event, please email: or call (539) 777-1047.

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Angel Adams Media Services
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Have some questions on how all of this works?

We know booking a speaker for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. For that reason, we have added this compiled list with the following information that may be of interest to you.

 Contracting the Engagement

It is important to clearly outline the activities in which you wish your speaker to participate in the original contract. For example, if you contract a speaker to deliver only a keynote address, the contract fee is for this service only. Requesting an autograph session or participation in any other aspects of your event after the contract has been signed may result in additional fees.

Payment Terms
A non-refundable deposit is collected at the time a speaker is booked for the event. This deposit guarantees the date will be reserved for you on the speaker's calendar. In the event of a cancellation by your organization, the deposit will be forfeited. If a cancellation occurs within 21 days of the event date, the entire fee and any already-incurred travel/preparation expenses will be due.

Speaker Fees?

Speaker fees are impacted greatly by factors such as name recognition, demand for the speaker's services, location of event, length of presentation and many more.  Angel's appearance fees range from $1,500 to $3,500.

To assist you in finding the best deal within your budget, Angel will work with you in detail on what it is you desire for your event, what is expected of her, and what your desired outcome is for your audience.  In addition, Angel has listed her keynote fee on this info page in the previous paragraph. This fee generally covers preparation time and one 30-60 minute presentation. Most speakers, keep their fees guarded and don't share this information until well into the hiring process.  Angel Adams Media Services favors a more open approach.  Fees are always subject to change and may vary based upon the length of presentation desired or the location of your event.  For that reason, please speak with Angel before making any plans based on the listed fee. In addition to the speaker's appearance fee, you will also be responsible for all of the speaker's expenses necessitated by her appearance at your event (except in cases where the speaker has a travel-inclusive fee). Specifically, additional expenses may include:


  • Ground Transportation (taxi, or rental car - to/from departure airport and to/from arrival airport)
  • Airfare
  • Accommodations
  • Meals and Incidental Expenses
  • Audio-Visual Equipment (slide projector, projection screen, wireless lavaliere microphone, etc.)


How much time will the speaker spend with our organization?

Because every speaker is unique, circumstances will necessarily vary. However, Angel will be available to you for the length of time agreed upon in your original contract. One of the tasks we assist you with is the development of a proposed schedule of events so that everyone involved in ensuring the success of your event is working from the same script.

How do I know that Angel Adams will be right for our event?

We are already well informed of the relative strengths and abilities of Angel. So, once we have become familiar with your organization, we can steer you in the right direction and supply you with helpful insight about Angel and her participation in your event.  In the end, of the course, the decision is yours. If you have a clear idea of what your ultimate objectives are, the process can be made immeasurably easier. You may want to start by asking yourself a few key questions:


  • Why is this event being held in the first place?
  • What do we want the attendees to know, think, or feel after this event?
  • What expectations will they bring to the event?
  • What special circumstances, issues, or challenges are we facing right now?
  • How should this event build upon previous events circumstances?


Your answers will help us to both narrow whether or not Angel is the right speaker to compliment your vision and accomplish your goals.

Once we decide to hire Angel Adams, how do we proceed?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by our clients. The process is actually quite straightforward, consisting of the following basic steps..

The Contact... First, you email or place a call to discuss your objectives. We will then walk you through the process of selecting a topic for your event. We can work with you to schedule any talk you have in mind, or we can make suggestions based upon your input.

The Offer... After discussion of topics and objectives is had, Angel will then review the terms of the offer. If the Angel is available on the requested date(s) and all other terms are acceptable, we will move forward in the process. 

The Confirmation... Once a topic is agreed upon, we will send to you a Confirmation/Contract Sheet. The Confirmation/Contract Sheet will include specific details such as the event sponsor, date, fee, location and any other relevant information.  Angel will issue the necessary paperwork to your organization. This paperwork includes the Contract for the engagement and instructions for a Pre-event Questionnaire.  Filling out, signing, and emailing the Confirmation/Contract Sheet back to Angel Adams Media Services verifies your acceptance of the offer. At that point, we are off and running. It is that easy to hire Angel for your next event!

The Pre-Event Questionnaire... One of the tools we use to ensure good communication between you and Angel is our Pre-Event Questionnaire. This profiles all the technical and logistical aspects of your event and allows you to outline the desired objectives for your event. This part of the process is handled through email or fax and allows You, Angel, and your Event Coordinator to input information and work together for the success of your event.

As the date of the event approaches, you will be contacted by Angel or one of her representatives to make the final preparations for her visit.  At this time, you will be sent publicity materials to help advertising for the event. You will also receive any invoices that are payable. 

Our goal is to make your speaker-scheduling process run as smoothly as possible and to hopefully make it a bit more enjoyable!


The file to the left and the 2 images below are available for download.

Feel free to use these for any marketing materials or press in coordination with your event.


Thank you to Premiere Speakers for sharing the information on your compiled list.   Photo credits: Billy Sauerland and Enrique Tejada. 

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