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Single Parents, Co-Parents, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Creatives, Teachers, HUMANS…DO YOU FEEL ALONE? Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel like the only tree in the forest?

Let me offer a thought…maybe your mind is so cluttered and overwhelmed …maybe you’re in such a fog of worry and doubt that you can’t see the tribe of people around you, ready to rally and surround you with extraordinary support and encouragement.

I want to help you find your tribe. I want to teach you how to shift your mindset. And help you break free from the things that are holding you back from living your most abundant and satisfied life.


Office revenge...making good choices.

I was curious about a number my sister happened to throw out to me the other day.  It was the amount of water a person is supposed to drink in a day to remain healthfully hydrated. This number truly boggled my mind and after not believing it for a while, I decided to do some research. 

My findings: My sister was right according to nearly all that I was able to find on the subject.  

Now that I have this knowledge, it would be ludicrous not to do something with it, right?

I found a calculator online that would calculate how much water I needed to drink according to weight, activity, whether or not I'm pregnant...etcetera, etcetera.  I challenged myself for the day to see if I could, in fact, drink this amount of water. Quite honestly, it seemed impossible.

Everyone knows that when you start an endeavor of this nature, that the "call of nature" is less of a call and more of a scream. That day, I found myself in the ladies room at the office more times than I've been in there all summer. 

Now...if you think that the title of this little story comes from my decision to try and be more healthy concerning the area of hydration and water'd be wrong.  Oh is where I "made good choices". 


As I sat in the stall of my office bathroom, I noticed that there was just enough paper on the toilet paper roll to handle my visit. I also noticed that there was no "Plan B" laid out for anyone else that may utilize the facility after me...i.e. no supply of toilet paper in the stall.  My crossroads.  Do I leave the empty roll of toilet paper on the roll for next person? There are a couple of people in my office that I wouldn't mind creating such a compromising visit what?

I'm often faced with this type of moment.  I accidentally drop some random paper out of my car and into a parking lot. Do I pick it up? Do I leave it there? Would it REALLY matter?  OF COURSE IT MATTERS. I pick it up. It's the right thing to do. Here I am, now in the bathroom stall and I ask myself these questions again. Should I replace the roll after I get out of the stall? It would require me to bend over and get a roll out from underneath the counter OR do I just leave it there and exact some tiny form of revenge on my not-so-nice co-workers?  I decided to do the right thing. I changed out the roll.  I huffed a little bit about it but for the love of god...really? Was it THAT hard to do? now, it's been twenty minutes or so and I have consumed my water, ounce number 104 annnndddd I NEED TO GO.  I scurry through my office and into the stall.  I waited WAY too long and before I really knew what I was doing, my brain had already spun me around and had my britches down to my knees.  It was a near accident.

And then...

I looked to my right and there...there on the toilet paper roll was MY roll. Untouched. Sitting exactly the way I left it twenty minutes ago. 

Had I not made the painless decision to restore hope on that tiny toilet paper holder, I would have been really, really pissed at myself.  I would have deserved it too.  

The next time I feel like dishing out a little revenge, I think that I'll take a little extra time and save that revenge stuff for the universe. 


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