Angel Adams

Speaker and Singer/Songwriter

Angel's gift has always been storytelling. She grew up in rural Oklahoma where "putting on shows" was the families only form of entertainment. Her ability to connect with an audience and leave them ready to take on the world has been a part of her life since she could speak. She's a natural cheerleader and would be a great part of your team at any event.  Click around and see for yourself.

The Biography

"I mostly just want a chance to share my story. Being vulnerable is hard for me but I think that if we are never vulnerable, we will never grow. I push myself to be open so that one day I can encourage someone else to be open. Hopefully within that growth, I can inspire someone to fall in love with life again." - Angel Adams

Angel has loved to entertain since she realized she could make people laugh.

A gifted communicator, she uses storytelling and songwriting to deliver her life experiences to her audiences, and they're pretty great experiences.

At an early age, she started working with humanitarian and missionary organizations, serving these groups in Mexico, Russia, Belarus, the Philippines, and all over the U.S. by teaching and speaking to thousands of people a year all over the world.

Throughout her talks, Angel depends heavily on the things she learned in her childhood and while traveling abroad, which allows her to connect with people from all walks of life.

Angel is a survivor of gay conversion/reparative therapy, poverty, guilt, and shame. She has endured a tragic burn accident that nearly killed her sister, and she has recently learned to let these things go so she could have a life again.

  Her passion for living is her greatest asset. Her greatest desire is to inspire you to fall back into love with your life again. 

What people are saying:

 "Angel is a tremendous speaker who knows how to connect with any audience. She uses a mixture of humor and dry wit to get her points across. I can guarantee you will walk away from a time of fun and enlightenment"

- Terry Scott, Founder of FutureVision Ministry

"I first learned about Angel Adams as I searched for potential speakers for the 2012 Social Media Tulsa Conference.  Angel had a successful Kickstarter program and I thought everyone would enjoy hearing her journey to success.   What I didn't expect was that Angel would completely steal the show with her story and presentation. Angel not only shared her success with the popular crowdfunding platform, but she shared her personal story, added a little guitar, and had the audience captivated from beginning to end.  Asking her back for the 2013 conference was a no brainer.   Angel is a natural entertainer and communicator.  Give her the floor, and she'll rock it.   I highly recommend Angel as a speaker."

 - Cheryl Lawson, CEO at Party Aficionado, LLC and Founder of Social Media Tulsa

 "When I listen to Angel's music, I get an overwhelming sense of passion, honesty, and love. It's impossible to listen to her songs without feeling the emotions used to create them. I think she is an incredible songwriter because she doesn't try to sound like anyone else but herself. Her music reflects that she always stays true to who she is.  She creates music that people can connect to on an emotional level."

- Megan Cabe, 4th Grade Teacher, Sand Springs, Oklahoma

 "I have worked with Angel in her mission trips to our country, Philippines. She spoke a lot of times in front of young kids and teenagers in schools and community halls.  Of all those times, the kids enjoyed listening to her because she wasn't boring...Angel is full of spirit when she speaks and no doubt that people easily love her for how she inspires other people."

- Faith Shope, Asian Center for Biblical Studies, Majayjay, Philippines

 "I can’t actually think of a time in my life that Angel was not there. As a mentor, she was always positive and encouraging; pushing past my fear. I’ve watched Angel as she has persevered through struggles and hardships on every level, and yet she remains focused, positive and determined to accomplish what life says she can’t. I believe it is with every trial that Angel has become stronger, more confident in who she is and what her purpose is. My world is better because Angel is a part of it. I am proud to say I know her; I am honored to call her my friend."

- Missy Wilson, Depot Youth Leader, Sand Springs, Oklahoma


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